Haunted House

Several Haunted Houses

Haunted House
Flickr photo taken by: Sean MacEntee

This post will be split soon, but I wanted to put something up. More haunted houses are available at the Home Haunt Contest.

Mourning Rose Manor

One of the best haunted exhibits of the year in the San Francisco area is the Mourning Rose Manor, located in Simi Valley. The Mourning Manor centers around the ghosts that live on the premises, left by the witch Malus Blackheart. Della Barnes is the ghost bride, highlighted by an illuminated frame, tells the story of the horror of the haunted home. All of the fixtures of the haunted estate are unique, with the majority being handmade using a variety of mediums including paper Mache, painting, monster mud and Styrofoam. Whether you are a newbie or veteran to the haunted horrors, the Mourning Rose Manor is the perfect place to visit this October. Visit the Mourning Rose Manor with friends or solo, regardless it will lead to an unforgettable great time.


Columbia Manor Haunted House

Started in 2009, the Columbia Haunted House has become a very popular and dedicated haunted house with a loyal fan base. This year the fans have dictated the theme as well as the haunted maze in the backyard. Located in Northern California, this Haunted House is scheduled to have relatively good weather throughout its existence. Due to the recent death of a friend of the owner, the Columbia Manor Haunted House will be focused on taking donations this year with a theme of Haunt for a Cure, to raise funds for research to prevent fatal diseases. The owner creates most of the props himself, as this is a small and privately operated haunted house. However, there has been a huge response to the Columbia Manor Haunted House, garnering over one thousand followers on the owner’s YouTube channel.



Based on the story of Old Man Fright, this haunted house is based on an experience and legend. Old Man Fright was trying to avoid his death by offering other bodies for the ghost of death until the ghost of death came himself to collect on the debt. Afterwards no one has heard from either Old Man Fright or the ghost of Death, as many believe the two to be cursed, along with the house. Visit this haunted home located in the San Francisco area during the Halloween season to enjoy one of the scariest homes in the northern California region. Whether you’re traveling with friends or on a date, the Frightmare is a perfect treat for the holiday.

Six Flags Fright Fest

Six Flags: Fright Fest

For all Youngsters living in Northern California and looking to have some frightful and fear filled adventures during the Halloween Season, there is no better place on Earth than the Six Flags Fright Festival at the Discovery Kingdom Theme Park in San Francisco. There is hell-a-lot of spine chilling adventure rides and fear filled haunted […]